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Ohio State Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club By-Laws 


Section 1.    Membership dues shall be recommended by the Board of Directors for approval by the members at the annual meeting. Such dues shall include all memberships listed in Article IV, Section 2, of the Constitution.

Section 2.    A member shall be notified thirty (30) days prior to his/her expiration of membership.

Section 3.    Any office held by a member whose dues have expired for a period of thirty (30) days or more, shall vacate the office.

ARTICLE II - Duties of Officers
Section 1.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, act as Chairman of the Board of Directors, appoint all regular and special committees, and perform such other duties as pertains to the office. The President shall be an Ex-Offico member of all committees.

Section 2.    The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in his/her
absence. In the event of the vacating of the office of President, the Vice-President shall automatically succeed him/her in office.

Section 3.    The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain accurate minutes and other record of all meetings of the Club, and cause all correspondence to the office to be acted upon promptly.
   Shall collect all dues and funds, shall maintain a bank account in the name of the Club, maintain a complete set of books and records, advise the President on financial matters, furnish an annual report to the Board of Directors showing the Club's general financial condition and perform such other duties as assigned by the President.
   Shall pay all bills not exceeding a maximum set by the Board of Directors, for which a written receipt is to be furnished.
   Shall pay all bills exceeding this amount with signature and approval of the President, for which a written receipt is to be furnished, and shall perform all duties and other responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 4.    The Board of Directors shall have the power to act for the Club on all
matters which might arise between meetings and discharge other duties as may be assigned to them by the Constitution and By-Laws. A decision by all Board of Directors can only be changed by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all members present at a special meeting or regular meeting. The Board of Directors shall approve Presidential actions specifically covered by this Constitution and By-Laws.

ARTICLE III - Compensation
Section 1.    No compensation shall be paid in any form to any Officer or Director of this Club.

Section 2.    No travel expense shall be paid in any form to any Officer or Director of this Club.

ARTICLE IV - Standing Committees
Section 1.    Election Committee - shall consist of a Chairperson and two (2) members in good standing. Their duties shall be to receive and certify election ballots, as well as ballots cast on Constitutional amendments and shall forward same  to Secretary-Treasurer. No person whose name appears on the ballot may be a member of this Committee.

Section 2.    Auditing Committee - shall consist of a Chairperson and one (1) member not related to or living in the Secretary-Treasurer’s household. Their duties shall be to audit the books of the Treasurer and report their findings at the annual meeting.

Section 3.    Show Committee - shall consist of a Superintendent, Show Secretary-Treasurer, plus other supporting personnel that may be required to carry out its duties. They shall be responsible for printing and distributing the Show Catalog, for hiring the show judges as recommended by the membership, recording of show results, the procurement of awards and trophies and the completion of a detailed financial show report within three (3) weeks following the show date.

Section 4.    The amount of indebtedness which may be incurred by any committee (show Committee excepted) shall in no case exceed twenty-five dollars ($25); except in the case of the "Droppings" editor who shall be reimbursed for all costs of editing the newsletter for which receipts are provided and documented to the Secretary-Treasurer, and the Sweepstakes Chairperson for all expenses for providing sanction forms and tallying sweepstakes for which receipts are provided and documented to the Secretary-Treasurer. Any other committee expenses in excess of twenty-five dollars ($25) must meet with the approval of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE V - Voting Procedures
Section 1.    Any member in good standing wishing to become a candidate for an office may obtain a nominating petition from the Secretary-Treasurer. The nominating petition shall be signed by three (3) members in good standing and submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer any time prior to the election nominations held at the Spring Meeting or may have him/herself nominated by another member at the same meeting. Nominations and a seconding motion may be made from the floor of the meeting upon which the nominated person has given his/her approval may become a candidate for election.

Section 2.    Following the close of the nominating procedure at the Spring Meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer will determine if all nominating candidates are eligible to run for the office.  All nominees who qualify will appear on the ballot. Any nominee who does not qualify will be advised by mail or phone within fourteen (14) days after the close of the Spring Meeting.

Section 3.      In the event any office does not have at least one (1) nominee from these petitions, the President shall appoint two (2) Directors to assist him/her in obtaining the number of nominees necessary to complete the ballot.

Section 4.    Election ballots, as well as ballots on Amendments shall either be printed in the "Dwarf Droppings" or individually mailed to all eligible voting members. The names of all candidates who have properly qualified under Article V, Sections 1 and 3 shall appear on the ballot.

Section 5.    Ballots must be returned to the Chairman of the Election Committee, and
post-marked not less than twenty (20) days prior to the Election Meeting. Facsimile or copy of any ballot returned to the Election Chairman shall be determined void and not counted.

Section 6.    The Election Committee shall count all acceptable ballots at the Election Meeting and certify the results to the Secretary-Treasurer within ten (10) days thereafter. They shall also return all ballots to the Secretary-Treasurer who shall retain them for a period of six (6) months following the election.

Section 7.    Any ballot declared unacceptable by the Election Committee shall be
reviewed by the Board of Directors. If, after review, the Board of Directors determines sufficient number of these ballots are acceptable to change the results of the election of an officer, or approval or disapproval of that Amendment, then the Board of Directors total count shall be determined to be official.

ARTICLE VI - Parliamentary Authority
Section 1.    There shall be at least eight (8) members, including three (3) members who are either Officers or Board of Directors of the club to constitute a quorum.

Section 2.    Unless otherwise provided in these Articles, Roberts Rules of Order shall govern in the transaction of business at all meetings.

ARTICLE VII - Order of Business
Section 1.     The order of business at all meetings shall be:
(1)    Call to order.
(2)    Roll call of Officers and Directors.
(3)    Reading of Minutes.
(4)    Report of Officers.
(5)    Report of Committees.
(6)    Unfinished Business.
(7)    New Business.
(8)    Adjournment.

ARTICLE VIII - Amendments
Section 1.    These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote cast by ballot of the voting membership. All voting members shall receive a ballot published in the newsletter or by mail.

Section 2.    Any member in good standing may submit to the Secretary-Treasurer an Amendment  of the By-Laws provided it is signed by three (3) members in good standing and submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to an Annual Meeting. The Amendment ballot shall be printed in the Newsletter know as the "Dwarf Droppings.”

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